5% Cash Back on orders above Rs. 2500/- only*

About Us

SDB Mega Mart is an initiative taken by SDB TRADING COMPANY. Through SDB Mega Mart, we will share our profits with our Members as per business Plan. By becoming a Member, you become a part of SDB Community and you can Sponsor New Members. Each New Member can introduce n numbers of New Members. We will give you x% of our sale from your Down line up to level 5 as explained in business Plan.

SDB Mega Mart is not just an e-commerce website, where you buy grocery items for discounts or for free home delivery benefits.

SDB Mega Mart is an opportunity for every individual to earn money. Here you buy products for your home and also introduce new members to the company. Company will reward you with a good earning every month, for 5 Levels as per our business plan.

Business Plan

Earn Handsome Money

Monthly Earning Example  :

LEVEL 1 1 2500 2% 50
LEVEL 2 10 25000 2% 500
LEVEL 3 100 250000 1% 2,500
LEVEL 4 1000 2500000 .5% 12,500
LEVEL 5 10000 25000000 .25% 62,500

Actual earnings may vary, according to no. of active members & their monthly purchases.

* Minimum Purchase of Rs. 2,500/- per month is Mandatory to become Active and earn Income for that particular Month.

Promotional Income  :

We Know, your efforts to bring a new member into the system.
Hence, We want to give you some reward for your efforts.

We will pay Rs. 100/- as promotional income for every joining in Level 2 with minimum purchase of Rs. 2,500/- by new member( mandatory purchase to activate membership).

If you sponsor 10 new members in a month your promotional income will be 10 X Rs.100 = Rs.1,000/-( you can sponsor as many new members as you want).

We can also make an e-commerce website like others,
where you will get discounts on products, but we want something different for you.
We don't want you to get some discount on every purchase; instead,
we want a good regular income for you from this platform. Remember,
"discounts are for once and this income will be forever".